Why Use a Foam Cannon? The Benefits of Using Foam Cannons

After the long trip the wife and I just did, I noticed that the car needed some major cleaning. Driving for hours really builds up and accumulates a lot of dust on the car’s exterior.

Even if I don’t drive as much as my wife does, I still enjoy cleaning the car every once in a while (if we don’t get it done by the nearby car wash, that is)

best foam cannon

The Dusichin brand is the one i’m currently using and I highly recommend it!

I really like using our foam cannon. It’s extremely fun to use. It’s like doing a chore and playing at the same time.

Previously, I had to manually soap the car using a car wash sponge and I found that it was too time consuming plus very physically taxing having to bend down constantly. It used to be a lot easier when I was younger, but age seems to be the constant denominator when it comes to pains and aches.

Considering that we have the best foam cannon here that we use regularly, getting the car covered in foam is a breeze. It also eliminates or reduces the possibility of getting scratches on the car’s surface when the dust and dirt is dragged around by hand washing.

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun – My take

Why do I prefer a foam cannon over a foam gun? Compared to the foam gun, the foam cannon produces a lighter foam, which allows it to stay on the car longer and not drip down. Our foam cannon also creates more foam and uses less water compared to the foam gun I tried. Most probably due to the use of a pressure washer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, since we bought a foam cannon, washing the car became much less of a hassle. It also saves us money and time!

If you already own a pressure washer, then i’d suggest that you get yourself a foam cannon. Just find a reasonable priced one within your budget and always check out the reviews so you’d know that you’re getting the best there is.

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