Use a Rain Poncho to Avoid Getting Drenched

I previously told you about my experience with the dermatologist and how as my sister and I went out of the clinic, we were greeted by a downpour of heavy rain. Well, here’s how we’re able to get through that… are you ready for it?? A rain poncho!

We didn’t have an umbrella during that time, but luckily we got ourselves a nice rain poncho which prevented us from getting soaked.

Voila! Secret’s out! Lol.

Why get a rain poncho?

I use rain ponchos more than umbrellas. Why? I just find that it’s better to be able to use both hands even when it’s raining. An umbrella would render one hand useless (and the other maybe trying to assist to avoid the umbrella from being flown away by a strong gust of wind).

I got a good one by scouring lists and recommendations online on which rain ponchos to buy.

A good rain poncho can save the day!

A good rain poncho can save the day!

I got this nifty trick back when I was in my college-state-of-mind. I was huge on concerts. I always attended the major ones with my buddies. Most of these concerts were in an open fields and since the weather is very unpredictable, I usually bring my rain poncho along specially on cloudy days where a rain or storm is just looming around the corner.

I always keep one inside my car even if it’s sunny outside, just incase. Also helpful when I have to walk the dog even when it’s drizzling. Oh, my dog owns one too! Isn’t that cute? We have the same color of rain ponchos so we’d be all matchy-matchy. People seem to be amused by it, and so am I.

Sometimes when i’m alone, I pretend like i’m wearing a superhero costume. Talk about maturity, right? Emily caught me once and laughed her a** off. Honestly, I think she’s just jealous cause she’d want to be a pretend-superhero like me as well! (Yes Emily, i’m talking to you. I know how you think) Yes? No?

Another good use is when i’m on my bike on a bike trail. Who would want to hold an umbrella while using a bike? That’s just an accident waiting to happen!

I got one with a hood that can be tightened around the head or face area so the drops wouldn’t seep in and get to my clothes. There’s nothing more intolerable than feeling wet inside a rain poncho! Just imagine wearing wet socks and a shoe at the same time. Nope!

I’m telling you, get yourself one now! Who needs an umbrella? That thing is such a hassle to bring along, most specially the long and pointed ones. When it stops raining, then what? You’ll end up having to lug that thing around all day.

If you’re planning to get one, make sure that it easily dries off, fits nicely and go for a more bright color. Yes, I said bright. Why? For safety. When it’s raining, it’s usually dark. And when it’s dark, it’s hard to see you, specially for incoming traffic. It can be a little “hello, look at me”, but at the end of the day, your safety is more important than some people staring.

Most definitely a great buy if you ask me!

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