Time to Start Going to the Gym Again

Okay, a few years ago I was more active. I ran and I had a gym membership where I go to a few days a week. Whenever I travel, I make sure to do some type of physical activity. It was all about being active and sweating out the bad stuff.

Lately, I noticed that when I travel, I only do the less physically taxing stuff. Walking around, sight seeing, trying out new food and traditional cuisines.

I keep telling myself excuses to not go to the gym. I justify my actions. And this has to stop!

Time to stop making excuses!

I need to make this a mission. I need to get my college bod back. The beer belly isn’t helping my self esteem. My wife doesn’t seem to mind, but I need to do this for myself and for my health.

I’m still checking out nearby gyms. I want a place where I can just walk to from my place so it’d be more convenient and i’d have less excuse (I don’t like driving – it gives me anxiety). I was surprised at the myriad of options out there!

Honestly, i’d still prefer to exercise outdoors, but maybe spending money on the gym would motivate me more. And since gyms have instructors and great amenities, i’d probably have better results.

So far, last time I had my check up, everything turned out fine. But I wouldn’t wanna wait til something’s up. I need to be proactive about this.

My only wish is that I wouldn’t lose my interest halfway through. I tend to have that tendency.

Wish me luck!

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