The Best Stopwatches for Everyday Use in 2017

We’ve come a long way from chronographs, wind-up timepieces and timing horse races for the royals. While mechanical pieces are classy and bring a wash of nostalgia, our fast-paced world calls for digital stopwatches. They provide a more precise measurement of time down to milliseconds, nanoseconds even, with the use of crystal oscillators as the powerhouse. They come with a variety of features once deemed impossible and too futuristic with older models: they now have sensors, can be used hands-free, and may be attached to any one part of your body or clothing. Fragility is now eliminated with the use of sturdy materials.

Due to the decline in prices throughout the years, despite increasing efficiency and quality, a stopwatch is now an arm’s length away. Or should we say one click away? Stopwatches were mainly used at sporting and gaming events of the past. Now, sports practices no longer to rely on the inaccuracy of wristwatches. Athletes and coaches can now set realistic goals with the seamless time-keeping. Betting on races has never been better when the guessing game of who crossed the line first has become unquestionable.

Even simple housemakers have stopwatches in their kitchens. The juicy and perfectly cooked chicken might just be a product of effortlessly kept time. Scientists and researchers have been geeking out on the latest gadgets, and the best stopwatches are not exempt. Experiments have become a breeze to observe. Even teenage boys cannot resist a good stopwatch, from tabletop games to spontaneous dares to ambitious experiments, they’ve got it covered. Check out the best stopwatches recommended by consumers.

Polder 898-90 Clock, Timer & Stopwatch

If you’re looking for a watch that can withstand the elements, this European-styled Polder model is for you. One of the highest rated timers, often described as durable, intuitive, reliable and simple, you won’t go wrong with it. With its proven record from the kitchen to the race tracks, this timer is loved by everyone. Its consistently high quality has been tested by several autonomous laboratories and regulating boards.

It’s a clock, a timer, a stopwatch and a buddy. Now that’s the most bang for your buck. It can measure time up to units of 9:99:99, and has the clock option of 12/24 hours. So can you bring it anywhere? Yes! It comes with a 36-inch lanyard to hang around your neck, and with built-in magnets to let you mount it on any ferromagnetic surface. Nothing could go wrong with this baby. It has a keyboard lock to prevent accidental stops when it is carried around or dropped. Its buttons are durable, withstanding years of pressure from different hands and weather conditions. The loud alarm is not difficult to catch; you may leave it running while you do other things elsewhere.

Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch

This has to be one of the most handsome stopwatches most everyone has ever seen. The size is perfect for any hands. Its design is very intuitive; hands and fingers know exactly where to go. The face shows a stamped pattern of the Marathon logo, while the sides are grooved for improved grip. You wouldn’t keep this in your pocket for too long, it’s just too good to hide from discerning eyes.

Not only does it have style, it comes with substance. It boasts of laser tuning, promising a whopping 1/100th second precision for 30 minutes and 1-second intervals leading to 24 hours. With several modes timing modes to choose from, this is the preferred stopwatch of coaches, instructors, and athletes. You would think that stopwatches can only measure time up to hours, but this unit even gives you the month, day and date.

For one good-looking timekeeper, this comes with an unbelievably low price tag. It can very easily compete with other stopwatches ten times its price and still come out on top.

Accusplit Survivor A601X Stopwatch

This stopwatch is favored by physical fitness trainers and instructors for its extra-large digits. Even kids and parents favor the watch for its range of fun solid and translucent colored cases to choose from. The interval for this stopwatch is at 1/100th of a second to 40 minutes. Accusplit watches are known for their exclusive and special million cycle switches to ensure a clean and accurate timing. It works on the Watch Company Operating System (WOS 2.5); typically used by most stopwatches, an interface which most everyone is familiar and comfortable with.

The lithium battery on this thing is definitely unfailing and will go on for approximately five years. Accusplit stopwatches can be handed down from one user to another. For an economical stopwatch, it does prove to be a survivor: water resistance for up to 30 meters and shock-resistant. Extreme sports enthusiasts and scientists love this model for its ability to withstand harsh conditions, truly a survivor through and through.

Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch

Yes, you guessed it right! This simple stopwatch is made with kids in mind. Using bright primary and secondary colors, learning has never been so fun. Big color-coded buttons make it easier for kids to remember to press on go, stop, and clear. Learning Resources have been making toys and games for decades, and you can rest assured that this little device has no removable parts and is made of non-toxic materials. So sturdy, it can withstand the extensive and careless use from little-inexperienced hands.

Offering the basics of a stopwatch, this doesn’t come with split timing and date function but is surprisingly accurate down to 1/100th of a second! This watch may not be used during athletic meets, but everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? And where better to start than home and the classroom. Used by thousands of parents and teachers for learning, games, fun activities and exercises, this sturdy device is a joy to be held. Personally, I’d use this to time the little tykes during clean-up, making a simple chore into an enjoyable game.

ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Stopwatch

Red, blue, white and black makes this stopwatch one sporty and snazzy handheld piece. It’s no wonder that users wear it proudly on their neck to show off its all-American style. With a bulk of its users being water sports coaches, referees, and athletes, ProCoach has perfected the art of waterproofing and resistance and measuring the time for multiple events. It is ergonomically designed to be light and held comfortably even for longer times, with a large display for mistake-free reading. This premium device comes with a longer-lasting battery, the LR44 Alkaline, and an efficient system for energy consumption.

If the pros trust the RS-013, wouldn’t you too? This is great for everyday use at home and at work. Outdoor activities with exposure to water, sunshine, and snow can still be enjoyable with this solid gem. It is definitely not your run-of-the-mill stopwatch, it comes with time, date and alarm features that can be displayed in 3 different display modes.

What to Look For

Stopwatches come in different forms with different functions. Picking out the best product for you may be tricky if you haven’t decided what and where to use it for. Some manufacturers have focused on a specific audience rather than mass-produce stopwatches for general utilization. There are models made especially for water sports, for mountain climbing and hiking, team sports, equestrian events, culinary aid, and teaching and playtime.

Determine the use of the stopwatch in your daily life and from there build up on the other features that you will find useful. Remember, you may not necessarily need a GPS and compass function if your stopwatch is mainly for keeping time in the kitchen (unless, of course, that slab of yak meat needs to be cooked in 7 different locations in 20-minute intervals).

A lot of people think pricing is one factor that takes precedence after determining their needs. I say no. Manufacturers should always be the next factor to be considered. With hundreds of companies vying for sales, quality may be compromised. After narrowing down your choices of reputable companies who have proven time and again that their standards are internationally recognized, it is then time to check out their product lines that suit your needs. Trust me, there is bound to be a product or two that fits the budget with all the bells and whistles.

Remember, research is your friend.


Stopwatches come in a variety of form and function. With modern times, mechanical stopwatches have become a thing of the past, mostly only coming up as collector items, heirlooms, and gifts. Digital stopwatches are the way to go when it comes to precision, price, and durability. Consumers are never out of choices, no matter their interests, hobbies, and needs. With enough research, one may always find several choices that offer function and quality at a good price.

We’ve narrowed down the top five people’s choice of the best stopwatches for you, why don’t you go ahead and check these out? You might just be one click away from a trusty timepiece.

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