The Best Ice Trays that Money Can Buy in 2017

Ice trays are an important staple in any sensible household. Aside from making, well, ice, ice trays can also be filled with other things like coffee and juice—it all depends on what you need. But since this key kitchen element is often overlooked, a lot of people forget what goes into choosing the best one for your family. From color to size, to getting the best bargain, a lot of details aren’t taken into account, leading to stuck ice cubes, freezer burn, and a lot of frustration.

Since ice trays are also commonplace items, it seems like there’s an overwhelming array of choices. Not to worry—we’ll help you find the perfect ice tray with this list, where we showcase the best ice trays in the market, and highlight info that we believe can help you make your decision and get more bang for your buck. Read on!

Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Tray


These trays feature a curved bottom in each tray, ensuring an easy release for your ice cubes—just give the tray a slight twist, and the cubes will pop right out! Each tray makes 16 ice cubes, so in this pack of four, you’ll be getting a big bargain. These ice trays are also top rack dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about whether the plastic material will damage your kitchen appliances or not.

And it’s not bad to look at too! Bored of the usual white that most trays come in? This brand features two more quirky colors: passion fruit pink, and blue! Perfect for adding a punch of color to your refrigerator space. This one will totally catch your eye, even from afar. If you’d like to hand-wash these colorful trays, it also won’t be a problem, as no fading will occur, even under multiple washes.

Home Complete Large Ice Cubes Molds


For people who would rather have one big chunk of ice in their drinks than several smaller ones, these molds will be your best bet. Made from safe food-grade, FDA-approved material, these ice molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly. And since it’s made with silicone, you can be sure that your large ice cubes will simply slide out of the molds with just a little push.

And for those of you wondering—exactly how big will your ice chunks be after using this? Since each slot in this mold measures 2 inches on all sides and is also 2 inches deep, you’ll get a total of 16, palm-sized ice cubes within these two, 8-cube molds. You certainly won’t have to keep refilling your glasses with little cubes to keep your beverages cold, as one whole chunk will do the job just fine! What’s more is these molds come in a two-pack, so you’ll be getting a total bargain at a really low price.

Home Complete Large Single Silicone Mold


This ice tray has a sleek and sturdy design which comes in a classy black hue, and is also made with safe, BPA-free silicone. The easy-release, flexible design makes getting your extra-large ice cubes way easier than having to wait for a bit of it to melt away. This individual tray has 8 large slots for the ice, each slot at 2 inches on all sides, and 2 inches deep—just the perfect size for an ice cube to gently sink in a glass of soda, or even whisky, without the nuisance of watering the drink down too quickly!

And that isn’t all this ice mold has to offer. One more bonus to this ice mold is its 10 years manufacture warranty, to guarantee that should anything happen to your molds, all you need to do is get in touch with House Complete, and they will happily check out (and even replace!) your item, if needed. Talk about a great investment!

Komax Ice Cube Tray with No-Spill Cover


Are you tired of getting half-frozen water spilling out of your trays with just the slightest movement in your freezer? Then this ice cube tray will be the best for you. The silicone lid is absolutely leak-proof, and the sealed lid allows for easy stacking to maximize freezer space. No more fumbling! Also, the lid also prevents your cubes from absorbing odors of other things in your freezer, so you won’t have to worry about any strange aftertastes mixing with your drink after popping your ice out.

The tray also has a contoured handle, to allow a firm grip as you fill the slots and carry it into the freezer. It is top-rack dishwasher safe (tray and cover!), so it’s super convenient, especially moms who want to avoid as much mess as possible. This ice tray is very family-friendly, especially for homes with curious little kids. You won’t have to worry about your children slipping on melted ice in the kitchen, as this covered tray seals water in completely.

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray


Nothing beats the classics, as seen in this ice tray. Considered to be from one of the best kitchenware brands, this ice tray has durable plastic material that offers an easy ice release—all you have to do is twist the edges a little, and out come the ice cubes, hassle-free! Each tray has 16 slots for the cubes, and each slot features a curved bottom design for the ice to easily slip out. And it comes at an awesome 2-pack bargain too, which is a really big plus because buying these trays in bulk costs a lot less than buying single trays one by one.

To clean these trays, you can simply hand wash them, or pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher. It’s appliance-safe, so you won’t have to worry about that. The ice yield for both trays goes up to 32 cubes in total—perfect if you need to keep a lot of summer drinks cool in one go. You won’t have to keep waiting to keep your drinks fizzy and cold.

What to Look For

  • What is it made of? The material your trays are made of will matter depending on what your needs are. Do you want a quick release of the cubes? Maybe silicone would be your go-to tray option. Would you like something more sturdy? Hard plastics are your safest bet. The bottom line is that your ice trays must be food-grade and FDA-approved to ensure you and your family’s safety. Your health is way more important than a good deal on some cheap ice trays, so it’s best not to risk it. Read up on different materials from different brands before going on that shopping trip.
  • How big will my cubes be? Size matters here! Whether you want large chunks at a time, or you’d rather have smaller bits of ice in your drink, the size of the ice yield you want should go into account while selecting your trays. While planning social gatherings like house parties or dinner get-togethers, the amount of ice you’ll need to keep drinks cool matters. If you’d like more ice on the go, consider buying bulk packs of ice trays. Most stores offer brands with packs of two up to six at a discounted price, so keep an eye out for that bargain! It’s better than buying single trays at a time, which end up costing more anyway.
  • How do I clean it? Sometimes, plain ice just won’t do–we sometimes jazz up our drinks with cubes of juice, chocolate milk, or even liquor, and that’s totally fine! But the cleanup for your trays matters because you won’t want that nasty aftertaste clinging to your tray after using it. Some trays require just hand-washing, while others are dishwasher-safe. All this will depend on what your trays are made of, so do a bit of research and look through forums and blogs to see real people’s recommendations. Always remember the method your cleanup will be to avoid mishaps at home!


In the kitchen, even the smallest details matter. Your choice of ice tray will matter in the long run, so it’s best to invest in some good ones than repeatedly spending money over some knockoff brands that will probably also damage your dishwasher. A good tip is to look up different brands online to see important details, like the product’s price, material, and required cleaning method, so the shopping trip won’t take too long. Once your mind has been made up before you go shopping for the perfect tray, you won’t waste money on the wrong kind. In buying smart, knowledge truly is power!

A good drink deserves good ice cubes, so make sure to get the ice tray that’s perfect, not only for your beverage, but your lifestyle and daily needs as well. You deserve the best in life–and that extends even to the ice that goes in your drink. Stay safe and feel free to keep this helpful list in mind while shopping–you never know, the perfect ice tray for you might be in this list! Keep cool and happy shopping!

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