The Best Hose Timers in the Market

Watering your lawn can be a tedious task. However, it is important to keep your grass properly watered to ensure that your garden will always look good. We may not have all the time of day to water our plants, but the best hose timer can help us keep our garden in shape. You can fix the settings on your hose timer to ensure that you can water your plants on time. We put three of the most popular hose timers to the test to determine the best hose timer on the market today.

Melnor 3015 Digital Water Timer

The first hose timer on our list is the Melnor 3015 Digital Water Timer. You can use it to time you’re the number of times you can water your plants with the use of a hose. You can set the timer for at least six times per day and you can also choose to edit the settings for the use of the large digital screen. This is easy to program so you do not need to worry about the operation. As an added benefit, you can also use this with the Melnor’s Automatic Rain Delay, which is sold separately. The hose timer will also need two pieces of AA batteries to begin operation. There is a metal coupling nut with rubberized grip for supreme durability.

Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

The next hose timer on our list is the Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer. Due to the automated operation, you are able to conserve water and water your plants at appropriate times. You can easily turn it on or off when needed since it is easy to operate. There is a single dial control with timed watering settings that allows you to choose to water the water within two to ninety minutes. You can choose to water your plants daily, every other day, or every three days. In order to begin operation, you must use two AA batteries to start programming.

Gideon Electronic Dual-valve Hose Irrigation Water Timer Sprinkler System

The final hose timer on our list is the Gideon Electronic Dual-valve Hose Irrigation Water Timer Sprinkler System. It comes with two programmable valves. You can choose to attach two hoses while customizing the setting of each hose to ensure that the watering duration and frequency of watering is set according to your preferences. You can opt when to start watering and when to stop watering provided that it does not exceed four hours. However, you can choose to water them as many times as you wish. There is a swivel coupling option that allows for a quick connection. On top of that, no tools will be needed during setup. However, it is recommended to install it with the help of a professional.


In conclusion, all three hose timers were able to yield pleasant results. While they are not necessarily able to function in a perfect manner, the results were great for what we wanted to achieve. However, out of the three hose timers that we have tested, the Gideon Electronic Dual-valve Hose Irrigation Water Timer Sprinkler System took the cake when it comes to the durability, performance, and reliability. It is easy to operate and program, which was quite pleasant since it does not take much of my time. The variation in settings made it easy for me ensures that my plants are not overly watered. We are now at the end of our review. We hope that we have helped you when it comes to making the right choice when it comes to choosing the right hose timer.

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