The Best Headrest and Car DVD Players are My Lifesavers on the Road

Firstly, i’d just like to point out that when I drive, I always focus on the road. So it’s not like  I watch movies while driving. That’s a huge NO-NO!

That being said, i’m not a huge fan of driving. I sometimes get too anxious and stressed while driving so it’s best for me to not do so and instead, focus on what I do best, sitting quietly on the passenger seat. Thankfully (and luckily) for me, the wife loves driving. She loves long distance travels (which i’ll never understand). Upon inquiry, she told me it relaxes her. I sometimes start a conversation to make her feel a little engaged but usually she prefers the silence as a way of meditating or contemplating, I guess.

best headrest dvd player

This is the exact same model of car dvd player i’m using right now.

So what do I do while she’s driving? I bring out my trusty car dvd players with me. They’re a godsend! I also bring a huge amount of dvds I can watch together with spicy Cheetos and a dip. It’s hard for me to sleep while someone else is driving and I find that it’s better that i’m awake so I can, from time to time, help with the navigation. I don’t know what i’d do without these portable dvd players. Just sitting down and looking ahead while being stuck inside my thoughts sounds dreadful to me.

I just found them online while scouring the web for the best selling ones available. These are the ones I looked into for the best car dvd player and the best headrest dvd player. Not sure if there’s a difference between them, but i’ve always assumed that the car dvd player is something you hold in your hand or place on top of something while the overhead or headrest dvd player can be attached on the back of the seats? Or maybe they’re the same. Either way, our 10-hour drive went by without me fully noticing thanks to these lovely gadgets.

I was able to watch around 4 action-packed movies. It felt like a relaxing long haul flight on a first class seat, minus the champagne, foot rest and heated food.

We stopped over to eat at a few restaurants to eat since food is life and to stretch a little since I was starting to get cramps from staying in one position the entire trip. Emily needed her break too, wouldn’t we all after the endless driving? I probably dozed off while watching one boring movie but the wife didn’t mind so it’s all good.

I prefer the portable one compared to having one installed inside the car since if I get one installed, I wouldn’t be able to take it anywhere else. Which can be inconvenient considering that we travel through other means as well.

Overall, I’d say that having my bundle of joy, also known as a dvd players for the car, tugged along with me during any trip makes any travel a lot more bearable.

*Update: I prefer both the Philips and Naviskauto brand.

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