The Best Eye Patches in the Market

Perhaps, the most used device in our life is the smartphone. Right after we wake up in the morning, it’s not the alarm clock that we reach out for, it’s the smartphone that comes with an alarm clock. After that, you might spend a few minutes in bed scrolling through your social media feed or taking a selfie. Even before we go to bed, it’s the smartphone that we last touch. As opposed to that, an eye patch is very rarely used and seen. But in case you want to hide something, maybe an insect bite, a zit, or whatever that is, you’ll be using the best eyepatch more often than your smartphone.

Ortopad Boys Eye Patch

A very known misconception when it comes to eye patch is the myth that it should only cover one eye as if you’re a pirate. That’s not entirely true. While most of the eye patch comes with only one patch, there are a few covers the whole area of the eyes. Coincidentally, that happens to be the eye patch on the market which is the Ortopad Boys Eye Patch. With a regular size, the Ortopad Boys Eye Patch comes at 50-piece a pack. Each of it features hypoallergenic adhesive eye patch that allows the skin to breathe and eliminate irritation. It’s a good night sleep mask thanks to the special light from the material.

Ortopad Girls Eye Patch

We get it, the eye patch isn’t for all. The last thing you want to happen is for your friends to see you and tease you that you’re the weird pirate in the group and start posting them in your social media accounts, at least that’s the case for the girls since boys don’t really give a thing about that. But in case you’re part of the girl movement, you can use the Ortopad Girls Eye Patch instead covering the part of your eyes akin to the eye mask that you use when you sleep. The Ortopad Girls Eye Patch is perfect for those who come with allergy since it features hypoallergenic adhesive eye patch while at the same allowing your eyes to breathe.

Felt Pirate Eye Patch

If you’re not shy about having an eye patch and you don’t give a single damn about what people think about it, for sure you won’t mind using the Felt Pirate Eye Patch. Just like the name itself, the Felt Pirate Eye Patch takes the pirate joke to a whole new level with a pirate bone logo drawn on the eye patch. The Felt Pirate Eye Patch features an elastic strap that wears around the head and comes with a size that fits most for both kids and adults. Though not recommended for self-medication, it’s perfect for the Halloween season.


Getting an eye patch basically relies on whether you’re going to use it for fun or for self-medication. With that said, the best eye patch is Ortopad Boys Eye Patch.

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