The Best Cake Decorating Tools in the Market

One of the best desserts that you can have is cake. With its wide flavor variety combined with elegant and beautiful design, it’s pretty hard to say no to its appetizing looks. If you’re an aspiring baker and wants to start learning and grasping the basics of baking, now is the time to get the best cake decorating tool out there that’ll help you in your new journey. We believe that cake creation is 80 percent looks and 20 percent sweet. Meaning, for the most part, the taste doesn’t matter as long as the cake looks yummy from the outside, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to throw away that 20 percent now.

K&S Artisan Cake Decorating Russian Piping Baking Supplies Set

Perhaps, before going to the big league decorating store-worthy cakes, you have to start with something simple and small. That’s the cupcake. Why? Simply because it’s easy to handle, decorate, and won’t cost too much in case you messed up. But anyway, for the best cake decorating tool, it’s about getting the basic and the small stuff right that can be later be added as a final touch to the cake. For the K&S Artisan Cake Decorating Russian Piping Baking Supplies Set, you’re getting 26 differently designed Russian tips. What it does is to literally decorate and design that cupcake, muffins, and cakes that you’re planning to make. It’s the perfect match for beginners wanting to get inspiration from existing design.

Wilton 415-0906 Dessert Decorator Plus

One of the most important thing when it comes to cake decorating is the application of icing. Although icing isn’t for everyone, most people still like to see them icing on top of any dessert especially cupcakes and cakes. At first, when done by a tenured baker, it’s very easy, however, once it’s your turn doing the whole squeezing and moving thing, you’ll realize it requires tons of practice. And there’s no better way than to practice and master the skill of icing application with the Wilton 415-0906 Dessert Decorator Plus. The Wilton 415-0906 Dessert Decorator Plus features a pull-out plunger that makes it easier for any person whether left-handed or right-handed to put icing decoration to sweet treats.

Wilton 409-7716 Angled Icing Spatula

Just like any other kitchenware, spatula also exists for the tenured bakers. Normally, you’d use a spatula to flip the food that you’re cooking. But when it comes to baking, you’re not flipping anything. The use of cake spatula is to keep the application of icing or the vanilla flavor consistent and clean all-around. And the best way to learn the technique is to practice by using the Wilton 409-7716 Angled Icing Spatula. The Wilton 409-7716 Angled Icing Spatula is available in 9-inch and 13-inch size depending which you find comfortable to hold. Moreover, it features stainless steel blade and rubber grip for comfort.


With tons of cake decorating tool to see and buy, the best cake decorating tool is K&S Artisan Cake Decorating Russian Piping Baking Supplies Set.

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