The Best Bedside Lamps for the Money

After being under stress from long hours of work of the day, the last thing that you’re going to need is a soft bed and a book to read until you feel the need to sleep or your eyes to shut on their own. If you’re the type of person who routinely reads a book every single night before going to sleep, you need to have proper lighting in order to avoid damaging your eye in the long run. In this case, the bedside lamp always works perfectly well, however, if you don’t pay attention to details, it seems like a candle is far better having beside you.

AUKEY Table Bedside Lamp

With tons of bedside lamp or lights in general available for purchase, it’s really pretty daunting and overwhelming, to say the least in choosing one that’ll blend perfectly in your bedroom while providing the right illumination that you’re going to need. With most of the products going overboard sometimes just to keep your attention to it, some would go opposite and yield better results, such as the case for the AUKEY Table Bedside Lamp – the best bedside lamp. The AUKEY Table Bedside Lamp is constructively built on candle design featuring touch sensor lamps along with dimmable warm lights as well as the liberty to change it to RGB color option.

VAVA Night Light Bedside Lamp

If you have the liberty to choose your own bedside lamp, consider it done. However, what if you’re not the only inside the room, probably, your partner won’t be that much bothered by what kind of bedside lamp you’re using but your kid might be. With the VAVA Night Light Bedside Lamp, it’s the best bedside lamp for both parents and children that surprisingly comes with outstanding features. The VAVA Night Light Bedside Lamp sports night light that comes with SOS mode in case you’re going to need that, an IP65 waterproof rating for accidental spills from your kids, touch control, adjustable brightness, and color while having eye caring LED – all that providing 80 hours of runtime.

Revel Lucerna Touch Bedside Table Lamp

Perhaps, one of the most important things to look at when getting a bedside lamp is the design. That’s actually correct since you’re going to see it more often than any other person in your life including your partner who goes home late at night or maybe out with her girlfriends having a late night outing. But anyways, going back to the lamp, the design of the Revel Lucerna Touch Bedside Table Lamp stands out the most with its classic eco-friendly material that provides a Caribbean feeling as opposed to that metal and glass construction. It features energy saving 4W LED bulb that comes in a honey beige shade for increased sleepiness.


Getting your personal beside lamp falls down on the design that you like and the brightness that you need. The colors will come optional if you dig RGB. With that said, the best beside lamp is AUKEY Table Bedside Lamp.

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