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I’m not gonna lie, I love food, specifically, traditional mexican food, caribbean, latin cuisine, chinese food, italian and just about any food from any country. I can’t think of a better hobby than eating. Find out more about me here.

My favorite part of dining in a restaurant, besides eating, is looking at the massive selections of entrees in the menu. Summer, most specially, is the time where I indulge myself with meals which includes refreshing and freezing sangrias.

I’m lucky to be living in New York where the options for Latino restaurants are massive. I can probably eat in a different one everyday for the rest of my life. To be fair, I usually eat out only on fridays, saturdays and sundays to save money since real estate prices here can be a real pain.

Despite my undying love for food, there’s one thing that I lack. And that’s the ability to cook a decent meal. Well, modesty aside, I can probably make a simple dish that doesn’t require too much time to prepare. But when it comes to intricate and complicated recipes, I totally blank out.

Maybe I can focus on that and try to learn once I have time. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? I’ve seen a lot of videos on social media showing how to make scrumptious desserts within less than 5 minutes. They make it look so easy. “Add a spoon of this and a pinch of that… mix it together effortlessly… stick it in a preheated oven… let it cool… VOILA! Now you have a world-class dessert, worthy of envy of all top chefs!” Yeah.. I don’t think so.

I got hungry as I was uploading these photos and talking about food! Maybe it’s time to head out with the wife to get some much-deserved grub.

What’s your favorite food? Any recommendations?

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