My Handheld Spotlight Saved Me… Really!

Have you ever been outside too long that it started getting pitch black and you don’t have any way to illuminate the way back? Well, that happened to me earlier. And I was so thankful that I packed a handheld spotlight with me before heading out on another one of my hikes.

I got a Stanley LED Handheld Spotlight which was rated as the best seller and top rated in Guatemala Times. Not sure of the exact model but it’s a yellow and black spotlight.

Stanley Waterproof LED Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

Stanley Waterproof LED Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

It’s extremely bright and I can see extremely well for miles away. A great investment if you ask me!

I was thinking that i’d use my phone spotlight or flashlight but I had a low battery and I didn’t wanna get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no light and no phone to use in case of an emergency.


I also got one for my uncle who’s big on boat rides. You’re welcome uncle Jack! He’s been using some low quality LED flashlight which he paid around $10 for. I mean, if it’s a matter of life and death and considering that he’s in the middle of the ocean, i wouldn’t really want to skimp on it. I’d get the best bang for the buck.

The handheld spotlight i’m using is around $50 and is considered as one of the best in the market. Kinda expensive but I don’t really mind since it’s amazing. Just make sure not to get the light on your eyes if you don’t wanna get temporarily blinded.

Had this baby for a few months now and so far it hasn’t bailed out on me. It’s as good as the first time I used it. It’s great for the price. Even if I use it on low setting to save battery I still find it very powerful.

Overall I highly recommend everyone who goes around at night (sounds sketchy) to get a hand held spotlight.

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