Money Clip Wallets: Why I Prefer them Over Bulky Wallets

So I just got my first money clip wallet a few weeks ago. I didn’t really see much point in having with since I already had a tri fold wallet which was big enough to house my (meager amount of) money, identification cards, credit cards and all those receipts I use for tax day.

I initially thought that having a money clip was a bit redundant. But after buying one, i’m officially making a change. I don’t have to bring that bulky wallet anymore. Since I only really use the money itself, one credit card, and 1 or maybe 2 ids (licenses), it’s more convenient to fit all of them in the money clip wallet.

No need to bring that bulging thing! Finally! – Me

My skepticism is gone! I’d like to thank Emily for recommending it to me. She doesn’t use it personally since she always has her purse around with her, but she saw some of her friends who own it and swore by it.

I got mine using a discount card, so hey, that’s a deal right there! More *monies to store in the money clip!

I love it! I’m really happy with the purchase. It’s simple, sophisticated and classy. What I like about the one I bought is I can just adjust it so it can accommodate more stuff.

The price is definitely reasonable and worth it for the function it provides.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about it right now since i’m probably in the honeymoon stage when it comes to it.

Not getting rid of the previous wallet I owned just yet since I still think that one’s great for travels, specially when I have to bring a lot of things with me.

I’m gonna use it for many years to come. Or until it gets overused to the point of exhaustion. But so far so good!!!

If you’re planning to get a money clip wallet for yourself or for someone you know, first make sure that it’s a good quality. Check the reviews. That’s a must! See what people are saying about it… and finally, always make sure to get your money’s worth!

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