It’s Pamper Day with the Sib!

Earlier my sister asked me to accompany her to a dermatologist for a few beauty treatments. She encouraged me to join her and get some things done as a way to pamper myself. Why not, right? I’m already there and I could use some time to relax. Would be a better option rather than to wait outside browsing through my phone.

Vitamin infusion injection, yay or nay?

She got herself some type of vitamin injection, which she convinced me to do as well (or more like I was so curious that I had to try it myself). I really didn’t feel anything at all except maybe during the part where some butterfly needle thing was being injected on my arm. No biggy. Used to getting my blood drawn anyway.

I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do or what exactly the benefits are but the doctor said it’s a great way to boost immunity and “refresh“. Well, seems kinda subjective.

The entire procedure took less than 10 minutes to do. I thought it would be through some dextrose drip, but it wasn’t. She just pushed it using an injection. There was a huge quantity of fluid inside so I got a bit worried. I thought my blood might get diluted or something.

After everything was done, we were told not to take caffeine and to make sure to drink lots of water to help the blood circulate. I forgot the exact term she used but it sounded like that.

Didn’t know if it made any difference, really. I felt the same way when I got out. I guess it takes more than a few minutes for everything to work. Or maybe it’s just working from within and there’s really no noticeable effect. I’ll just take the doctor’s word for it and imagine that i’m feeling 1,000%! I’m big on “it’s all in the mind” thing. I did read somewhere that having this vitamin infusion injection helps with a hangover. Maybe i’ll try if and when I get hammered. Doesn’t happen a lot nowadays. When was this when I was in college?

For those who’re interested, here’s a video of how the vitamin injection looked like (although instead of vitamin C alone, it had other things on it like vitamin b or collagen or something that I don’t remember).

Went out of the dermatologist and found out that it was raining so hard. Bummer! Wasn’t able to bring an umbrella. Good thing we had something that saved the day!

Will write about it on another post. 😉

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