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Top 5 Best Blankets to Add Character and Style to Your Bed

Impress your guests, with blankets that add character and style to your beds. A blanket for a bed, is like icing on a cake, all people need blankets. They are not just decorative, but also protective, by helping to keep your pillows and bedsheets free from dust, dirt and pets. Blankets usually differ from bedsheets, with thicker and heavier fabric, to provide you with extra warmth and comfort, during the cold winter months. For really cold nights, electric heated bed blankets, are specifically designed for providing extra warmth. The best blankets enhance the appearance and comfort of your bed.

There are also many other uses for blankets outside of your bedroom, and even outside your house. They can be used as covers for furnitures such as couches, and also provide comfort and warmth while sitting or laying on a couch, when watching a movie or taking a nap. Blankets can be rolled on floors or draped over furniture for photo shoots, or used outdoors like at a public park, or to wrap large objects while in transit. With so many uses, it pays to have only the best blankets in your closet.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

From the top name for electric blankets, relax in the comfort of a warm night of sleep, knowing you are in safe hands with Sunbeam. This large heated blanket has 10 different heat settings, with a controller that has been specifically designed for ease of use. There is a control knob and only one button with a light to help you find it easily at night, but rest assured the light is designed so it won’t be a nuisance. The blanket automatically adjusts itself for safe heating, and even switches off after 10 hours of use.

Electric blankets can save you money on energy consumption, because rather than pay for the costs of heating up your whole bedroom, you only need to keep your bed warm. This blanket has a unique design, which prevents the power plug from disconnecting easily from power outlets, which eliminates the problem of the blanket disconnecting during your sleep, if you move around a lot while you are asleep. Though the blanket is electrical, it is safe enough to simply unplug and throw it in your washing machine for easy and convenient cleaning.

Utopia Bedding Polar-Fleece Thermal Blanket

This polar-fleece blanket comes in four different colors, and three common bed sizes. It is made entirely of polyester, and is double-sided so it doesn’t matter which way you flip it over, it all feels the same. The soft touch of the synthetic wool-like fabric provides a gentle feeling for your skin without any irritation. The thick, brushed fabric will keep you warm and cozy without the added weight and bulk that you would normally expect from older blankets of this type.

Though it is very affordable, it has a level of quality commonly associated with higher priced blankets. Such includes the finely sewn edges for a longer lasting life of durability. It should give you many years of warm and cozy nights.

Keeping your blanket clean is not a hassle, thanks to the technology behind the creation of this fabric. It can conveniently be placed in your washing machine for a cold, gentle wash to ensure longer lasting durability. It is easy to wash, even if covered with animal fur and dirt marks from pets. It does not shrink or form pillage, not even lint. During the cold winter months, it can be conveniently dried in your clothes dryer.

Pinzon Velvet Plush Blanket

When softness is a high priority, this 100% polyester blanket is sure to take on the challenge. The synthetic fibers are so soft that it has captivated such remarks from many buyers. It is most likely the softest blanket in this review. The blanket also has an impressive ability to keep you warmer than you would otherwise expect from a common blanket.

Although shedding of the fabric fibers, has been mentioned by a few people, the proper care of this blanket should prevent such an occurrence. More specifically the blanket needs to be machine washed separately in cold water. Then avoid a clothes dryer to prevent damage that could cause the fibers to shed. Just hang it outside to dry, fortunately it dries fast compared with common blankets. It appears the right handling and care, is the reason why many customers have claimed no experience of fiber shedding with this blanket.

Besides the luxury of incredible softness, this velvet blanket was designed for a high class look to complement the presentation of every bed in your house. It has even been certified by a high standard of safety and environmental friendliness. A luxurious way to keep warm and cozy.

Qbedding Microplush Fleece Blanket

A soft, warm, cozy blanket, without a heavy feeling. These blankets like all the other blankets reviewed here, are 100% polyester. The colors have a strong resistance to fading. It has the advantage of being suitable for all year use, and not just winters. Some have suggested sizing up a level to ensure your bed is well fitted. The fabric is thick and dense for quality durability. Static electricity is not a problem, thanks to the type of chemicals in the dye, so you won’t be bothered by irritating bed hairs. Just drop it in your washing machine for a cold wash.

Some buyers experienced no shedding at all, whereas others commented about terrible shedding that stuck to bedsheets and even clothes. One person bought two of these blankets of two different colors and said that the brown blanket had terrible ongoing shedding, but the gray one didn’t shed even the slightest. Obviously the shedding is unrelated to how the blankets are handled. But it appears inconclusive as to whether the shedding is limited to batches of certain colors. For the many that were blessed with a blanket that had no shedding at all, they had a tendency to be well satisfied.

Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Fur Blanket

With fleece on one side, and fur on the other, either way it feels really soft. Maybe fur is the reason why this blanket seems to be the favorite amongst the reviews, for cats and dogs. Despite being a pet magnet, you won’t have problems with fur getting stuck on your furry blanket. It won’t even shed its’ own fur, if you handle it correctly. It adds a nice furry look to your bedroom interior design. The furry texture is even presentable as a seat cover for your couch or recliner. A pleasing blanket for pets and people.

Despite being faux fur, this really soft blanket is surprisingly breathable. It is large enough to fully cover the sides of your bed, and feels like stroking a soft furry pet. It is so warm, cozy and cuddly. A lot of buyers have been really satisfied with this blanket, and love it so much. It is the type of blanket that can be loved by whole families and even neighbors. You might want to consider buying extra blankets as gifts, to avoid family feuds. Despite feeling like a large furry animal, this blanket is actually lightweight.


When choosing a blanket you really need to consider your priorities and what you intend to use it for.

For freezing cold weather, an electric blanket can keep you warm without having a heavy pile of layered fabrics holding you down while you sleep. Because heated blankets are electrical, and heat up while you are asleep, safety is the top priority. This means a quality heating blanket is an essential choice.

There are many non-electrical blankets that are designed for efficient heating, without the use of electricity. Some of these are breathable and others are not. Non-breathable blankets can trap in more of your body heat, but the disadvantage is a lack of air ventilation. This also means they cannot be used in warmer weather. The thickness and density of the fabrics can also make you feel warmer.

All the blankets reviewed were made of 100% polyester. The advantage with polyester is strength and durability. Polyester is often formed into different types of synthetic textures, with various advantages including comfort, warmth and lightness. Other synthetic enhancements included a blanket with a dye that was more resistant to color fading. The dye also had anti-static features, to avoid the problem of hairs and furs sticking to the fabric. Synthetic polyester blankets have become a popular modern trend.

Home decor is another aspect that should not be overlooked. A stylish blanket, enhances your bedroom interior by integrating the bed with the surrounding theme. Various colors and designs are often available for a given product, to help you match your blankets with your domestic environment. A blanket should have the purpose of not only looking good, but also feeling good.

Top 5 Best Globes to Buy in 2017

When it comes to looking at the world, there are different ways for us to do that especially we already have the right technologies for us to use so that it will be easier for us to see the location that we want to see. A globe is an imitation of our planet earth so that we will be able to see how our earth looks like from outer space. It is also to prove that the earth that we live in is not flat. There are a lot of people who are using a globe because of geological reasons and educational reasons so that you’ll be able to know the different countries and continents easily.

Globes come in different sizes and materials used in order to make sure that it will be convenient for you to learn the different places in the world. There are a lot of people who are using it for educational purposes it is also easier for a traveler to track down the countries they wanted to go. There are also virtual globes that you can use but it is nice to have a solid replica of our earth so that you’ll be able to feel and be able to determine the exact location of where you want to travel.

For those who are into different kinds of maps, having one of the replicas of the earth which are the globe should be a part of your collection. There are different shapes of globes for you to choose from. They all have the same prints because our geographical feature will not change unless the lands that we stand on are already shifting. Having the exact representative of our earth will help us locate the different countries that we want to go.

Elenco Edu Toys

The Elenco Edu Toys have created a globe so that we will be able to see the different countries and its city easily. It is a replica of our earth which has all the places that we know of. This kind of globe is made of durable plastic so that it will last for a long time. It is commonly used as a part of education where learning of the different countries and their cities as a part of their Social Studies lesson. It has an 11-inch diameter which is already enough for it to fit on a teacher’s table so that it will be easier for you to make a test or pinpoint the places that you wanted to discuss with your class.

And since the globe is round, it also comes with a stand so that it will not roll out from your desk and cause a disturbance in your class. The stand is also made of durable plastic so that it will be able to last for a long time. Even if you accidentally drop it, it will not break, unlike those ordinary plastics that you commonly find. There are a lot of people who are using this kind of globe to teach their kids the different countries and cities. This is to inspire them and do what they need to do in order to go to those cities that are plotted on the globe.

Learning Resources Inflatable Globe

Here is another globe that can be used anywhere if you want to learn the different cities and countries on earth. The Learning Resources Inflatable Globe is one of the best kinds of globes that you’re going to have. It is not like the ones that we see in our teacher’s desks, but it is like a pool floater only that it is a replica of the earth. This kind of globe is best used in pool games and other games that you can think of. So that even if you’re playing, you’re also learning the different places and cities and countries on earth. It is like an interactive learning through playing. Which is also one of the effective ways in learning a certain topic.

This kind of globe can be inflated with the use of a pump or by your own blow. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy playing an inflatable globe either indoors or outdoors, you’ll be able to learn while playing with it. It is an 11-inch inflatable globe which is already large enough for you to play with or to hang in your classroom if you’re having a solar system exhibit. It is easy to use and easy to keep so that you’ll be able to do a lot of learning with the help of this kind of globe.

Interactive Globe

This kind of globe is not like those ordinary globes that you commonly see in the market. Although they have similar features, but this one has more added features for you to do. This Interactive Globe allows you to learn the different places together because it has the ability to light whenever you wanted it to light. Every city and country have a different color so that it will be easier for your kid to remember the different countries and cities that are written on this globe. The lettering is clear so that it will be easier for your kid and for you to read. Another thing about this kind of globe is that it can be used as a lamp at night.

There are only a few globes in the market that have this kind of feature. Another thing about this globe is that it has also the ability to display the different star constellation. It has a built-in LED light inside the globe so that when you turn the lights out in your room, the globe will be able to display the stars with different formation so that whenever you and your kid are out for the night, they will be able to identify the different kinds of constellation because they are already familiar with it thanks to the Interactive globe that they have in their room.

HearthSong World Globe

If you’re looking for a classical design of a globe, the HearthSong World Globe is one of the popular kinds of a globe that you’re going to use. It is siliar to the other kinds of globes but the only difference that it has is that it has the ability to light because of the built-in LED light inside. It can be used as a night lamp so that your kid will be able to sleep well at night or for her to read the different countries on the globe easier if they can’t go to sleep early. It comes with a stand that is made of durable plastic but has a design unlike the normal kinds of globes so that it will look presentable in your room.

Another thing about this kind of globe is that it has a unique drawing on the surface where the emphasis of the rivers and the mountains are very clear and visible. There are other kinds of globes that are plain, but with this kind of globe, you’ll be able to see the dividers which are the mountains and the rivers and it also has its label so that you’ll know what kind of river or mountain that is in that certain area where it is drawn. It will also be easier for those who are planning to travel to go to that location because it is already there on the globe.

Replogle Explorer Globe

The Replogle Explorer Globe is another kind of a basic kind of a globe that can be used by anyone who wants to use it. There are a lot of teachers who are using this kind of globe because it has the ability to help them teach to their students that different countries and cities are in our world. It is the exact replica of our earth that can be placed on the desk so that it will be easier for their students to see. It has the complete drawing and label of the different seas, cities, countries, and even mountains that you know. This way you’ll be able to know the exact location of them thanks to this kind of globe.

There are are a lot of globes that is similar to this one. The only difference that they have is the stand. The color of this stand is brown os that there will be a little bit of additional color in the room and also for the globe to look presentable and eye catching


Almost all globes are the same. They have the same features and functions. Only that there are some has the ability to light up whenever you want to and make use of it as a lamp. But all of them has the same function, it is to let you know the different cities and countries in the world. It is commonly used in classrooms because it is a part of a certain subject to know the different places in the world.

The Best Ice Trays that Money Can Buy in 2017

Ice trays are an important staple in any sensible household. Aside from making, well, ice, ice trays can also be filled with other things like coffee and juice—it all depends on what you need. But since this key kitchen element is often overlooked, a lot of people forget what goes into choosing the best one for your family. From color to size, to getting the best bargain, a lot of details aren’t taken into account, leading to stuck ice cubes, freezer burn, and a lot of frustration.

Since ice trays are also commonplace items, it seems like there’s an overwhelming array of choices. Not to worry—we’ll help you find the perfect ice tray with this list, where we showcase the best ice trays in the market, and highlight info that we believe can help you make your decision and get more bang for your buck. Read on!

Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Tray


These trays feature a curved bottom in each tray, ensuring an easy release for your ice cubes—just give the tray a slight twist, and the cubes will pop right out! Each tray makes 16 ice cubes, so in this pack of four, you’ll be getting a big bargain. These ice trays are also top rack dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about whether the plastic material will damage your kitchen appliances or not.

And it’s not bad to look at too! Bored of the usual white that most trays come in? This brand features two more quirky colors: passion fruit pink, and blue! Perfect for adding a punch of color to your refrigerator space. This one will totally catch your eye, even from afar. If you’d like to hand-wash these colorful trays, it also won’t be a problem, as no fading will occur, even under multiple washes.

Home Complete Large Ice Cubes Molds


For people who would rather have one big chunk of ice in their drinks than several smaller ones, these molds will be your best bet. Made from safe food-grade, FDA-approved material, these ice molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly. And since it’s made with silicone, you can be sure that your large ice cubes will simply slide out of the molds with just a little push.

And for those of you wondering—exactly how big will your ice chunks be after using this? Since each slot in this mold measures 2 inches on all sides and is also 2 inches deep, you’ll get a total of 16, palm-sized ice cubes within these two, 8-cube molds. You certainly won’t have to keep refilling your glasses with little cubes to keep your beverages cold, as one whole chunk will do the job just fine! What’s more is these molds come in a two-pack, so you’ll be getting a total bargain at a really low price.

Home Complete Large Single Silicone Mold


This ice tray has a sleek and sturdy design which comes in a classy black hue, and is also made with safe, BPA-free silicone. The easy-release, flexible design makes getting your extra-large ice cubes way easier than having to wait for a bit of it to melt away. This individual tray has 8 large slots for the ice, each slot at 2 inches on all sides, and 2 inches deep—just the perfect size for an ice cube to gently sink in a glass of soda, or even whisky, without the nuisance of watering the drink down too quickly!

And that isn’t all this ice mold has to offer. One more bonus to this ice mold is its 10 years manufacture warranty, to guarantee that should anything happen to your molds, all you need to do is get in touch with House Complete, and they will happily check out (and even replace!) your item, if needed. Talk about a great investment!

Komax Ice Cube Tray with No-Spill Cover


Are you tired of getting half-frozen water spilling out of your trays with just the slightest movement in your freezer? Then this ice cube tray will be the best for you. The silicone lid is absolutely leak-proof, and the sealed lid allows for easy stacking to maximize freezer space. No more fumbling! Also, the lid also prevents your cubes from absorbing odors of other things in your freezer, so you won’t have to worry about any strange aftertastes mixing with your drink after popping your ice out.

The tray also has a contoured handle, to allow a firm grip as you fill the slots and carry it into the freezer. It is top-rack dishwasher safe (tray and cover!), so it’s super convenient, especially moms who want to avoid as much mess as possible. This ice tray is very family-friendly, especially for homes with curious little kids. You won’t have to worry about your children slipping on melted ice in the kitchen, as this covered tray seals water in completely.

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray


Nothing beats the classics, as seen in this ice tray. Considered to be from one of the best kitchenware brands, this ice tray has durable plastic material that offers an easy ice release—all you have to do is twist the edges a little, and out come the ice cubes, hassle-free! Each tray has 16 slots for the cubes, and each slot features a curved bottom design for the ice to easily slip out. And it comes at an awesome 2-pack bargain too, which is a really big plus because buying these trays in bulk costs a lot less than buying single trays one by one.

To clean these trays, you can simply hand wash them, or pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher. It’s appliance-safe, so you won’t have to worry about that. The ice yield for both trays goes up to 32 cubes in total—perfect if you need to keep a lot of summer drinks cool in one go. You won’t have to keep waiting to keep your drinks fizzy and cold.

What to Look For

  • What is it made of? The material your trays are made of will matter depending on what your needs are. Do you want a quick release of the cubes? Maybe silicone would be your go-to tray option. Would you like something more sturdy? Hard plastics are your safest bet. The bottom line is that your ice trays must be food-grade and FDA-approved to ensure you and your family’s safety. Your health is way more important than a good deal on some cheap ice trays, so it’s best not to risk it. Read up on different materials from different brands before going on that shopping trip.
  • How big will my cubes be? Size matters here! Whether you want large chunks at a time, or you’d rather have smaller bits of ice in your drink, the size of the ice yield you want should go into account while selecting your trays. While planning social gatherings like house parties or dinner get-togethers, the amount of ice you’ll need to keep drinks cool matters. If you’d like more ice on the go, consider buying bulk packs of ice trays. Most stores offer brands with packs of two up to six at a discounted price, so keep an eye out for that bargain! It’s better than buying single trays at a time, which end up costing more anyway.
  • How do I clean it? Sometimes, plain ice just won’t do–we sometimes jazz up our drinks with cubes of juice, chocolate milk, or even liquor, and that’s totally fine! But the cleanup for your trays matters because you won’t want that nasty aftertaste clinging to your tray after using it. Some trays require just hand-washing, while others are dishwasher-safe. All this will depend on what your trays are made of, so do a bit of research and look through forums and blogs to see real people’s recommendations. Always remember the method your cleanup will be to avoid mishaps at home!


In the kitchen, even the smallest details matter. Your choice of ice tray will matter in the long run, so it’s best to invest in some good ones than repeatedly spending money over some knockoff brands that will probably also damage your dishwasher. A good tip is to look up different brands online to see important details, like the product’s price, material, and required cleaning method, so the shopping trip won’t take too long. Once your mind has been made up before you go shopping for the perfect tray, you won’t waste money on the wrong kind. In buying smart, knowledge truly is power!

A good drink deserves good ice cubes, so make sure to get the ice tray that’s perfect, not only for your beverage, but your lifestyle and daily needs as well. You deserve the best in life–and that extends even to the ice that goes in your drink. Stay safe and feel free to keep this helpful list in mind while shopping–you never know, the perfect ice tray for you might be in this list! Keep cool and happy shopping!

Reviews of the Top and Best Pocket Scales to Enhance Your Life

In measuring, we should be sure that everything is accurate so that things will not go wrong in the long run. There are other people like to use the “guessing” kind of measuring, which is a little bit tricky because there is a high possibility that it will not be accurate. There are a lot of people who works at a bakery, jewel shop, and even the drug companies are using different kinds of measuring equipment so that they will be able to get the right measure of the kind of thing that they are working on.

There are different kinds of measuring equipments for you to use, and one of the most popular kinds is the pocket scale. This kind of a measuring device is made for you to be able to up to milligrams of weight so that you’ll be able to have the accurate weight, like gold, silver, medical substance, and any sorts of things that are tiny that still needs exact and accurate measurement. There are a bunch of pocket scales for you to choose from because they are in a different style and form so that you’ll be able to choose the one that makes you comfortable in using.

Most of the pocket scales are being used in measuring tiny particles. It will surely help you with all the measuring that you’re going to need so that you’ll be able to do the things that you need to do with that thing that you’re measuring. No more worries if you measured those tiny particles wrong because a pocket scale is made for you to use.

American Weigh Digital Scale

American Weigh Digital Scale is one of the most popular kinds of pocket scales that you’ll find in the market. A lot of jewelers are using this kind of device because it helps them weight the exact weight of the jewelry that they are making so that they will be able to convert it into its proper price. It is a digital kind of a pocket scale that has the ability to measure up to 100 grams so that you’ll be able to have more tiny particles being weighed. Most of the pocket scale has this kind of feature. The ability to measure grams so that even the tiniest object that you have at home will be measured accurately.

This kind of a pocket scale has a clip open cover so that it will make sure that the surface where you’re gonna place the item that you’re measuring will be safe and will not have any errors in measuring. There are times when the surface is being touched in a harsh way, it might not be able to weight the exact weight of the item that you wanted to weigh. It will also help the scale clean so that whenever you’re going to use it, there will be no other foreign particles can be found on the surface of the scaling plate.

American Weigh Scales Black Blade

Here is another kind of a pocket scale that is made by American Weigh Scales, the Black Blade Version is one of their basic kinds of pocket scale. Though its basic, but it is still one of the most durable kinds of pocket scales that you’ll find in the market. There are different kinds of pocket scale that this brand has so that you’ll be able to choose the one that will make you fell comfortable in using. And this basic kind of pocket scale will help you measure the things that you need to measure, especially by grams. Unlike the other kinds of pocket scale that American Weigh Scale have made, this one comes in plane-all-black color.

It doesn’t have any flip covers but it can still help you measure the thing that you have. But it comes with a removable lid where you can also use as a tray. It is one of the most durable kinds of pocket scale that you will have because it is made by one of the best brands in scaling. It has the ability to weigh up to 1000 grams which is already enough for you to weigh different kinds of materials for a long time. It’s not just durable, but it can give you the exact measurement that you need.

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20

Here is another kind of a pocket scale that is made by American Weigh Scales, the Gemini-20 Edition. This kind of a pocket scale is perfect for those who are into jewelry making. Because it doesn’t just have the scale, but it also comes with tweezers and a tiny bowl so that it will be able to keep those tiny particles that you’re weighing together. It will be easier for you to weigh them and to transfer from one container to another so that no particle will be put to waste. It comes in silver color so that you’ll be able to see what you’re weighing clearly. It can only weigh up to 20 grams which are already enough for those who are into jewelry making or other precious kinds of particles like gold and silver and others.

In order for this kind of pocket scale to last long, it is best to place it inside its traveling pouch so that there will be no other dust particles will stay on it so that its performance will still be the same as you first bought it. There are a lot of people who are using this kind of scale who travels a lot. It is a simple kind of scale and yet people still appreciate its function because it is durable and accurate and has all the things that you need in order for you to keep the tiny particles together without you worrying about wasting any of it.

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Here is another kind of a pocket scale where you can use in measuring and for you to be able to know the equivalent unit for every measure. The Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale has the ability to convert your measurement into six different kinds of units. You’ll no longer have to calculate the equivalent unit for this and that because all you have to do is press the selection button so that it will be able to convert it by itself. It is a digital kind of a pocket scale so that you’ll be able to see the accurate measurement easily. Another thing about this kind of pocket scale is that it has the ability to count the particles that you placed on it. It is simpler than manually counting it by yourself. But with the help of this kind of a scale, it will make your work faster and easier.

If you’re looking for a digital kind of a scale that has a lot of functions, this is the one that is perfect for you. There are a lot of people who are using this because it is an all-in-one kind of a scale. No more calculating of conversions so that it will make your life easier and for you to be able to finish your work faster.

American Weigh Scale Ac-650 Digital Pocket Gram

American Weigh Scale Ac-650 Digital Pocket Gram is the simplest and the smallest type of pocket scale that you will find in the market. American Weigh Scale is one of the most popular brands in making different kinds of weighing scale so that you’ll be able to measure whatever it is that you want to measure in an accurate and exact way. There are people who would prefer to measure by grams, which is why they have this kind of a measuring scale. The Acdd-650 Digital Pocket Gram is one of the smallest kinds that they made. It may be small but it has similar features with the other products that they made. It is still a digital kind of a scale so that it will be easier for you to know the measurement of the thing that you’re measuring and it has buttons for you to adjust the unit that you want.

There are a lot of jewelers who are fond of traveling who brings this kind of device with them. It is compact and can be carried with them wherever they go. It is smaller than the ordinary kinds of pocket scale which make it easier for them to use. And if you’re planning to have one of these scales, it will surely give you all the help that you need when it comes to measuring by grams.


There are different kinds of pocket scales in the market for you to choose from so that it’ll be easier for you to know how much that thing you have weighs. It has the ability to weight the tiniest object so that it will be able to give you the accurate measurement that you’re going to need without any flaws. Choose the one that makes you feel comfortable in using so that all of the things that you have will be measured correctly./