An Early Hike to Get the Blood Pumping

Went on a hike alone as soon as I woke up earlier today in my favorite hike trail. I felt like I needed the exercise and some me time. It wasn’t really planned or anything. As I got out of bed I thought to myself that since there’s not much to do today, might as well give the ‘ol trail a visit. It was exhilarating.

This isn’t me and this isn’t where I hike, but i’d love to go here! Just being above the clouds would be a game changer!

I brought my fave walking stick with me. The walking stick was essential not because I feel old, but since the terrain is a lil rough. It would help to have some sort of balance. I really didn’t wanna risk slipping or anything like that specially since the cell signal isn’t as good in some areas so safety first!

The wind was cool and I felt rejuvenated again. Very much worth it after an extremely busy and hectic week.

I should probably do this more often. I’m thinking I could maybe ask the wife or some friends to join me next time so we can make it more of a bonding moment. I don’t think we’re allowed to camp there tho, that would’ve been fun! Bringing a tent a cold day and wrapping ourselves around thick and furry blankets as we sing around the campfire… uhh, okay that sounds too movie-esque, even for me.

Dropped by a this new restaurant to get myself and the wife a burrito on my way home.

The travel back was a breeze so I didn’t get anxious when I was driving, which is what usually happens to me.

Took a shower then a quick nap when I got home. The hike was a little different this time. I felt some aches and pains in my ankle. Was it the shoes i’m wearing? Were they too tight? Maybe it’s the age creeping in. Well, i’m not really THAT old! I should get myself some sort of calcium supplement.

Good thing is my annual check up is about to come and i’ll ask my doctor what supplements I can take to help. Or some diet change maybe.

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