Interested in advertising with us?

With all the costs of maintaining our site, we’d be happy to accept advertisements as long as it can help our readers as well and it’s about something that we personally would trust.

Our standard ads include a 300 x 300 banner (this is the maximum size of the height and width, but it can vary depending on the advertiser’s preference), which the advertiser should provide. It will be located on the right sidebar of website.

*We may also provide other means of advertisement but it should pass our manual review first.

Prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to reject any proposal at our discretion, specially if it’s not something we find to be in line with our site.

We only accept paympents via Paypal and all payments should be made prior to the placement of the ad (right after approval).

For those who are interested in advertising, please contact us using the form below. Don’t forget to include your name, contact email, the link to the site you plan to advertise and other essential information. We will get back to you as soon as possible!