Who am I, you ask? Well, I’m Albert Rayuela Mount and i’ve been living in NYC since… well, uh, birth.

I like travelling, reading books and anything that has to do with nature. I’d classify myself a nature buff, if there’s such word. I like hiking, trekking, rappelling, swimming in lakes or oceans with my lovely wife Emily… of course! (She’s beside me as I type this)

We spend most of our time together so most of the things here are influenced by both of us. That’s what makes this site great (or complicated, no?)! It’s 2 minds in 1! Sometimes it’s me writing and sometimes it’s her, although we use the same account so it’d be hard to tell. Just trust us!

I’m able to update this blog whenever i’m free so make sure to check it out from time to time.

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**Unfortunately, upon research, this domain name was previously owned by a restaurant in NYC. I don’t own that nor do I have any affiliation with them. Guess I should’ve researched further. But this one sounds too catchy to pass up on. I still made a great decision. No regrets!