Trying Out New Food in Restaurants: A New Adventure

I can be a picky eater sometimes. Usually I just ask for their recommendation or “best seller“, but lately i’m trying to broaden my horizon by trying out new things.

Amazing Meal From a Latin Restaurant

Went out earlier with the wife to check out this new restaurant in my block. It’s a latin restaurant. It’s different from the other restaurants I tried since the names of the food are something i’m not familiar with and it didn’t include what the ingredients are in the menu.

So on begins my attempt to being more worldly by ordering whatever I thought sounded good.

I must admit, though, I was really impressed.

It was a gastronomical experience!

Next time I eat out, i’ll order something I haven’t tried before again.

Use a Rain Poncho to Avoid Getting Drenched

I previously told you about my experience with the dermatologist and how as my sister and I went out of the clinic, we were greeted by a downpour of heavy rain. Well, here’s how we’re able to get through that… are you ready for it?? A rain poncho!

We didn’t have an umbrella during that time, but luckily we got ourselves a nice rain poncho which prevented us from getting soaked.

Voila! Secret’s out! Lol.

Why get a rain poncho?

I use rain ponchos more than umbrellas. Why? I just find that it’s better to be able to use both hands even when it’s raining. An umbrella would render one hand useless (and the other maybe trying to assist to avoid the umbrella from being flown away by a strong gust of wind).

I got a good one by scouring lists and recommendations online on which rain ponchos to buy.

A good rain poncho can save the day!

A good rain poncho can save the day!

I got this nifty trick back when I was in my college-state-of-mind. I was huge on concerts. I always attended the major ones with my buddies. Most of these concerts were in an open fields and since the weather is very unpredictable, I usually bring my rain poncho along specially on cloudy days where a rain or storm is just looming around the corner.

I always keep one inside my car even if it’s sunny outside, just incase. Also helpful when I have to walk the dog even when it’s drizzling. Oh, my dog owns one too! Isn’t that cute? We have the same color of rain ponchos so we’d be all matchy-matchy. People seem to be amused by it, and so am I.

Sometimes when i’m alone, I pretend like i’m wearing a superhero costume. Talk about maturity, right? Emily caught me once and laughed her a** off. Honestly, I think she’s just jealous cause she’d want to be a pretend-superhero like me as well! (Yes Emily, i’m talking to you. I know how you think) Yes? No?

Another good use is when i’m on my bike on a bike trail. Who would want to hold an umbrella while using a bike? That’s just an accident waiting to happen!

I got one with a hood that can be tightened around the head or face area so the drops wouldn’t seep in and get to my clothes. There’s nothing more intolerable than feeling wet inside a rain poncho! Just imagine wearing wet socks and a shoe at the same time. Nope!

I’m telling you, get yourself one now! Who needs an umbrella? That thing is such a hassle to bring along, most specially the long and pointed ones. When it stops raining, then what? You’ll end up having to lug that thing around all day.

If you’re planning to get one, make sure that it easily dries off, fits nicely and go for a more bright color. Yes, I said bright. Why? For safety. When it’s raining, it’s usually dark. And when it’s dark, it’s hard to see you, specially for incoming traffic. It can be a little “hello, look at me”, but at the end of the day, your safety is more important than some people staring.

Most definitely a great buy if you ask me!

Money Clip Wallets: Why I Prefer them Over Bulky Wallets

So I just got my first money clip wallet a few weeks ago. I didn’t really see much point in having with since I already had a tri fold wallet which was big enough to house my (meager amount of) money, identification cards, credit cards and all those receipts I use for tax day.

I initially thought that having a money clip was a bit redundant. But after buying one, i’m officially making a change. I don’t have to bring that bulky wallet anymore. Since I only really use the money itself, one credit card, and 1 or maybe 2 ids (licenses), it’s more convenient to fit all of them in the money clip wallet.

No need to bring that bulging thing! Finally! – Me

My skepticism is gone! I’d like to thank Emily for recommending it to me. She doesn’t use it personally since she always has her purse around with her, but she saw some of her friends who own it and swore by it.

I got mine using a discount card, so hey, that’s a deal right there! More *monies to store in the money clip!

I love it! I’m really happy with the purchase. It’s simple, sophisticated and classy. What I like about the one I bought is I can just adjust it so it can accommodate more stuff.

The price is definitely reasonable and worth it for the function it provides.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about it right now since i’m probably in the honeymoon stage when it comes to it.

Not getting rid of the previous wallet I owned just yet since I still think that one’s great for travels, specially when I have to bring a lot of things with me.

I’m gonna use it for many years to come. Or until it gets overused to the point of exhaustion. But so far so good!!!

If you’re planning to get a money clip wallet for yourself or for someone you know, first make sure that it’s a good quality. Check the reviews. That’s a must! See what people are saying about it… and finally, always make sure to get your money’s worth!

My Handheld Spotlight Saved Me… Really!

Have you ever been outside too long that it started getting pitch black and you don’t have any way to illuminate the way back? Well, that happened to me earlier. And I was so thankful that I packed a handheld spotlight with me before heading out on another one of my hikes.

I got a Stanley LED Handheld Spotlight which was rated as the best seller and top rated in Guatemala Times. Not sure of the exact model but it’s a yellow and black spotlight.

Stanley Waterproof LED Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

Stanley Waterproof LED Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight

It’s extremely bright and I can see extremely well for miles away. A great investment if you ask me!

I was thinking that i’d use my phone spotlight or flashlight but I had a low battery and I didn’t wanna get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no light and no phone to use in case of an emergency.


I also got one for my uncle who’s big on boat rides. You’re welcome uncle Jack! He’s been using some low quality LED flashlight which he paid around $10 for. I mean, if it’s a matter of life and death and considering that he’s in the middle of the ocean, i wouldn’t really want to skimp on it. I’d get the best bang for the buck.

The handheld spotlight i’m using is around $50 and is considered as one of the best in the market. Kinda expensive but I don’t really mind since it’s amazing. Just make sure not to get the light on your eyes if you don’t wanna get temporarily blinded.

Had this baby for a few months now and so far it hasn’t bailed out on me. It’s as good as the first time I used it. It’s great for the price. Even if I use it on low setting to save battery I still find it very powerful.

Overall I highly recommend everyone who goes around at night (sounds sketchy) to get a hand held spotlight.

It’s Pamper Day with the Sib!

Earlier my sister asked me to accompany her to a dermatologist for a few beauty treatments. She encouraged me to join her and get some things done as a way to pamper myself. Why not, right? I’m already there and I could use some time to relax. Would be a better option rather than to wait outside browsing through my phone.

Vitamin infusion injection, yay or nay?

She got herself some type of vitamin injection, which she convinced me to do as well (or more like I was so curious that I had to try it myself). I really didn’t feel anything at all except maybe during the part where some butterfly needle thing was being injected on my arm. No biggy. Used to getting my blood drawn anyway.

Why Use a Foam Cannon? The Benefits of Using Foam Cannons

After the long trip the wife and I just did, I noticed that the car needed some major cleaning. Driving for hours really builds up and accumulates a lot of dust on the car’s exterior.

Even if I don’t drive as much as my wife does, I still enjoy cleaning the car every once in a while (if we don’t get it done by the nearby car wash, that is)

best foam cannon

The Dusichin brand is the one i’m currently using and I highly recommend it!

I really like using our foam cannon. It’s extremely fun to use. It’s like doing a chore and playing at the same time.

Previously, I had to manually soap the car using a car wash sponge and I found that it was too time consuming plus very physically taxing having to bend down constantly. It used to be a lot easier when I was younger, but age seems to be the constant denominator when it comes to pains and aches.

Considering that we have the best foam cannon here that we use regularly, getting the car covered in foam is a breeze. It also eliminates or reduces the possibility of getting scratches on the car’s surface when the dust and dirt is dragged around by hand washing.

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun – My take

Why do I prefer a foam cannon over a foam gun? Compared to the foam gun, the foam cannon produces a lighter foam, which allows it to stay on the car longer and not drip down. Our foam cannon also creates more foam and uses less water compared to the foam gun I tried. Most probably due to the use of a pressure washer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, since we bought a foam cannon, washing the car became much less of a hassle. It also saves us money and time!

If you already own a pressure washer, then i’d suggest that you get yourself a foam cannon. Just find a reasonable priced one within your budget and always check out the reviews so you’d know that you’re getting the best there is.

Time to Start Going to the Gym Again

Okay, a few years ago I was more active. I ran and I had a gym membership where I go to a few days a week. Whenever I travel, I make sure to do some type of physical activity. It was all about being active and sweating out the bad stuff.

Lately, I noticed that when I travel, I only do the less physically taxing stuff. Walking around, sight seeing, trying out new food and traditional cuisines.

I keep telling myself excuses to not go to the gym. I justify my actions. And this has to stop!

Time to stop making excuses!

I need to make this a mission. I need to get my college bod back. The beer belly isn’t helping my self esteem. My wife doesn’t seem to mind, but I need to do this for myself and for my health.

I’m still checking out nearby gyms. I want a place where I can just walk to from my place so it’d be more convenient and i’d have less excuse (I don’t like driving – it gives me anxiety). I was surprised at the myriad of options out there!

Honestly, i’d still prefer to exercise outdoors, but maybe spending money on the gym would motivate me more. And since gyms have instructors and great amenities, i’d probably have better results.

So far, last time I had my check up, everything turned out fine. But I wouldn’t wanna wait til something’s up. I need to be proactive about this.

The Best Headrest and Car DVD Players are My Lifesavers on the Road

Firstly, i’d just like to point out that when I drive, I always focus on the road. So it’s not like  I watch movies while driving. That’s a huge NO-NO!

That being said, i’m not a huge fan of driving. I sometimes get too anxious and stressed while driving so it’s best for me to not do so and instead, focus on what I do best, sitting quietly on the passenger seat. Thankfully (and luckily) for me, the wife loves driving. She loves long distance travels (which i’ll never understand). Upon inquiry, she told me it relaxes her. I sometimes start a conversation to make her feel a little engaged but usually she prefers the silence as a way of meditating or contemplating, I guess.

best headrest dvd player

This is the exact same model of car dvd player i’m using right now.

So what do I do while she’s driving? I bring out my trusty car dvd players with me. They’re a godsend! I also bring a huge amount of dvds I can watch together with spicy Cheetos and a dip. It’s hard for me to sleep while someone else is driving and I find that it’s better that i’m awake so I can, from time to time, help with the navigation. I don’t know what i’d do without these portable dvd players. Just sitting down and looking ahead while being stuck inside my thoughts sounds dreadful to me.

I just found them online while scouring the web for the best selling ones available. These are the ones I looked into for the best car dvd player and the best headrest dvd player. Not sure if there’s a difference between them, but i’ve always assumed that the car dvd player is something you hold in your hand or place on top of something while the overhead or headrest dvd player can be attached on the back of the seats? Or maybe they’re the same. Either way, our 10-hour drive went by without me fully noticing thanks to these lovely gadgets.

I was able to watch around 4 action-packed movies. It felt like a relaxing long haul flight on a first class seat, minus the champagne, foot rest and heated food.

We stopped over to eat at a few restaurants to eat since food is life and to stretch a little since I was starting to get cramps from staying in one position the entire trip. Emily needed her break too, wouldn’t we all after the endless driving? I probably dozed off while watching one boring movie but the wife didn’t mind so it’s all good.

I prefer the portable one compared to having one installed inside the car since if I get one installed, I wouldn’t be able to take it anywhere else. Which can be inconvenient considering that we travel through other means as well.

Overall, I’d say that having my bundle of joy, also known as a dvd players for the car, tugged along with me during any trip makes any travel a lot more bearable.

*Update: I prefer both the Philips and Naviskauto brand.

An Early Hike to Get the Blood Pumping

Went on a hike alone as soon as I woke up earlier today in my favorite hike trail. I felt like I needed the exercise and some me time. It wasn’t really planned or anything. As I got out of bed I thought to myself that since there’s not much to do today, might as well give the ‘ol trail a visit. It was exhilarating.

This isn’t me and this isn’t where I hike, but i’d love to go here! Just being above the clouds would be a game changer!

I brought my fave walking stick with me. The walking stick was essential not because I feel old, but since the terrain is a lil rough. It would help to have some sort of balance. I really didn’t wanna risk slipping or anything like that specially since the cell signal isn’t as good in some areas so safety first!

The wind was cool and I felt rejuvenated again. Very much worth it after an extremely busy and hectic week.

I should probably do this more often. I’m thinking I could maybe ask the wife or some friends to join me next time so we can make it more of a bonding moment. I don’t think we’re allowed to camp there tho, that would’ve been fun! Bringing a tent a cold day and wrapping ourselves around thick and furry blankets as we sing around the campfire… uhh, okay that sounds too movie-esque, even for me.

Dropped by a this new restaurant to get myself and the wife a burrito on my way home.

The travel back was a breeze so I didn’t get anxious when I was driving, which is what usually happens to me.

Took a shower then a quick nap when I got home. The hike was a little different this time. I felt some aches and pains in my ankle. Was it the shoes i’m wearing? Were they too tight? Maybe it’s the age creeping in. Well, i’m not really THAT old! I should get myself some sort of calcium supplement.

Good thing is my annual check up is about to come and i’ll ask my doctor what supplements I can take to help. Or some diet change maybe.

Finally Home from a Long Trip

Just got home from our long trip. That was intense. Still thankful I brought some type of entertainment with me during that trip. Bliss!

We attended a friend’s wedding. It was amazing. Reminded me of my wedding. The wife got all teary eyed over the whole event.

Ahh the food was great! Of course, any event wouldn’t be complete without a scrumptious meal. Sorry, it’s me talking about food again.

Wish I took pics but my phone battery died on me. I should’ve brought a portable battery with a bigger capacity.

Will just have to wait for my friends to upload the photos so I can browse through them.

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